The Stirling



Stirling is a unique community, being one of only 3 Canadian communities designated as a National Historic Site.  Stirling is located 12 miles from Cardston in the southeast corner of Alberta.  The two towns are connected by an irrigation canal built in partnership with the Mormon Church in 1899.  Agriculture is still an important part of the community. Stirling is one of 21 communities that have joined the South Grow Regional Initiative, are home to one of the first concrete terminal grain elevators, and the old wooden grain elevator is now utilized as a hemp plant.  A truly innovative approach to a traditional industry.



Homes with unique, innovative style.



Modern lines with rich comfort.

Maple Leaf IconMade In Calgary, AB, Canada.

Available Pieces Overall Width Overall Depth Overall Height Arm Height Seat Depth Seat Height Seat Length
Sofa 90 39 35 28 24 19 80
Sofa 78 39 35 28 24 19 68
Loveseat 66 39 35 28 24 19 56
Chair 39 39 35 28 24 19 29